Edward Lopatin: Author, Speaker, Survival Coach, and Intrepid Traveler

Customer Testimonials of Lopatin as a Speaker

I thought your management workshop was excellent, and the interactive exercises perfect for the students to understand the concepts. Judging from the evaluations sheets, the ladies appreciated what you had to say.

- Kim Scanlan, Training Coordinator, Coachella Valley Women's Business Center

I had the pleasure of hearing Edward Lopatin speak about surviving as a manager in a tough working environment.  I was so impressed that I am hiring him as a paid speaker for my ABWA local chapter.

- Dominique Fruchtman, The American Business Women's Association

Edward is an unexpected one-of-a-kind talent, original, refreshing and smart.  He delivers information in a down-to-earth style.

- Sandra Amelino, Information and Technology Manager, Veterans Hospital, Loma Linda CA

Last month, Lopatin spoke (for two hours) to our students about his travels and about surviving out-of-the country travel.  The students thoroughly enjoyed his talk.  The students told us that he was energetic and comfortable as a speaker, used humor in telling his travel stories, and that he delivered a terrific presentation.

- Susan Anderson, Director, Professional and Continuing Education, CA State University, San Bernardino at Palm Desert