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See the historic sites, but avoid the gunfire!
Chapter 6
How to Survive Your Vacation

Avoiding Gunfire in the Desert Sands

In chapter 6 of his book, How to Survive Your Vacation, Edward describes his four day escorted tour of Jordan.  The highlight of this tour was a full day visit to Petra, the ancient city built into the side of a mountain, and lost for hundreds of years before it was rediscovered several hundred years ago.

While returning from Jordan to Israel, Edward describes how he and the other tourists were shot upon by a band of terrorists at the immigration control station separating Jordan from The West Bank, territory held by Israel since the SIx-Day War of 1973.

This four-day trip taught Edward the need to adhere to several time-tested travel survival strategies including learning about how to be more savvy and prepared when traveling to more dangerous locations.