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How To Survive Your Vacation (2014)

-80 surefire recommendations to make sure you have a great time and return home In one piece

Edward tells you all about his most harrowing and life-threatening travel experiences to fifty-three countries and thirty-five states in his latest book, How To Survive Your Promotion.

He tells you what he learned from his travel experiences and provides important travel survival strategies. Each chapter contains one or two stories about his adventures, lessons-learned and interesting people he met along the way. For example, he describes, with embarrassment, how an Istanbul jeweler, cajoled him into buying overpriced bracelets that he really did not want or need. He recalls his time with the very charming Mexico City taxicab driver who  negotiated his way out of a hostage misadventure when the taxicab was ambushed by five masked bandits on a scarcely used Mexican roadway.

He will show you how to plan your next vacation to make sure you have a great time and come home in one piece.

The book can be ordered at Amazon.com and at other on-line bookstores.

For more information about Ed's travels, go to his blog site:            HowToSurviveYourVacation.worpress.com

Reader reviews of this book

I consider myself a seasoned vacationer, but I learned some valuable tips from the author's experiences and recommendations. He humbly relates events, some humorous, some dangerous, then chronicles what he leaned and suggests how to avoid some unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

- Ellen Matthews

I have visited or lived in over 30 countries, and thought there were no more surprises until I read this book.  It's a power house of practical tips wrapped around hysterical stories of the author's travels. Every chapter will have you on the edge of your seat with his exploits. 

- Pia Turner

I chose a "five star" rating because this book is the only "advise " book that is entertaining and a great read!  Ed gives practical advise on how to handle a wide range of unforeseen circumstances.  Even if you don't travel, read this book anyway because Ed's examples of what to do and not do are absolutely hilarious.

- Debra Schroeder

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