Edward Lopatin: Author, Speaker, Survival Coach, and Intrepid Traveler

Published Book:

How To Survive Your Promotion (2012)

- 85 surefire ways to prove they were right to hire you

In today's challenging economy, management positions are tougher to get and to keep.  If you are afraid of applying for a management job because you think it may be more than you can handle, Edward shows you, in his latest book, How to Survive Your Promotion, how to transform your fears into unbridled success.

Although Edward worked as an executive in a large government agency, his strategies for success are applicable to leaders who seek positions in corporations, in small businesses, in non-profit agencies, and volunteer organizations.

Edward coaches you on how you can overcome your fears of leadership positions before and after you assume responsibility.  He offers eighty-five recommendations to help you dress, look, and behave like an executive, and to deal with the many complex challenges leaders find in today's turbulent business environment.

Edward reminds you that all executives have some trepidations and concerns before and after accepting a leadership role, but with the right attitudes, focus, energy, and commitment, success is much more likely than failure.

The book can be ordered at Amazon.com and at other on-line bookstores.

Reader Review of this book

Thank you for being such a great supervisor, mentor, and coach.  Thanks, also for the really great strategic advise in your book.  It helped me find and keep the management job I really wanted.

- Janet Tolenada, San Francisco City Treasurer Department Director