Edward Lopatin: Author, Speaker, Survival Coach, and Intrepid Traveler

Published Book

Manage Your Chronic Illness (2011)

-100 recommendations to help prevent illness and to manage your physicians, hospital stays, insurance providers, and well meaning caregivers.

Inspired by his journey through several medical conditions, Edward wrote Manage Your Chronic Illness to give insights on his frustrating multi-year effort to have several debilitating chronic illnesses diagnosed and treated. The book chronicles his effort to find the best possible physicians, his attempts to maximize the use of his health insurance, and his extended effort to obtain social security benefits.

Edward coaches you on managing your chronic illness by providing you with one hundred recommendations to help prevent illness, and to take control over your medical condition. Although many, if not most of these recommendations are simple and based on common sense, he feels that when you are not feeling well, you may become emotionally unfocused and do not make commonsensical and rational decisions.  During the years he was most ill, he wishes there was someone who could have pointed him in the right directions when he was not feeling well and unsure how to proceed.

The book can be ordered at Amazon.com and at other on-line bookstores.

Reader Reviews of this book:

I have read Edward Lopatin's book on chronic illness, and found it well-organized, easy to read, and full of helpful information for dealing with chronic illness.

- Brenda Lonsbury-Martin PHD, Professor and Senior Biomedical Research Scientist

Ed Lopatin is a well-informed author who writes from the depths of his experience.  He took the challenges he faced and incorporated them into a guide for navigating the healthcare maze.  During his interview on my radio program, he expressed his knowledge in an intriguing manner.

- Melanie Barton, Ed. D., The Dr. Melanie Show